What If Breast Isn’t Best?

After publishing an article called “The Raw Truth About Breastfeeding” I received a lot of feedback from mothers who were heartbroken. They had tried. They had cried and pumped and devoted hours to a crying newborn who just wouldn’t properly latch. I felt it was crucial to write to these precious mamas and the heartache they endured. Here is an honest look into the vulnerability of mothers who did their best, but felt they felt short.

“Breast is Best.” This was my mantra during my entire pregnancy. I read all the books, bought the breast pump, bought the pillows, lotions, bottles, bags and special nursing bras. I couldn’t wait for that special bond I would share with my baby. I looked forward to those late night feedings in the rocking chair. I was prepared for the sore nipples, the over-sized breasts, and even the looks I would get in public if I needed to feed her. I was ready!

This in-depth article plunges into the trenches of honest motherhood and what it feels like to fail (even when it is more nature than mothering)… Check the full article out HERE:

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The Mama On The Rocks is a blog designed to connect mamas (and dads, grandmas, aunts, teachers...) with other people who hear you, understand you, and live the same crazy madness that you live every single day. Real life in our house is just that...REAL. It isn't glitter-covered and Pinterest perfect like many portray on Facebook. I am writing about my adventures mothering a baby while also raising a child with invisible disabilities because the beginning of our journey with our son has been so utterly, paralyzingly isolating. I want to be able to help others reach out, connect, and remember that you aren't, indeed, crazy or alone. We are in this wonderful ride of insanity together!

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