Beauty For Mamas: 7 Must-Haves To Make You Look And Feel Like Knock-Outs

Beauty For Mamas: 7 Must-Haves To Make You Look And Feel Like Knock-Outs

As a wife, full-time teacher, writer, and mother of two (one with 5 behavior diagnosis), I am wiped. Girl, when I say I am tired, I am certain there has to be a new word invented to encompass the way I feel. I have far surpassed “first-trimester tired”, “teacher tired”, and “new mom tired”. Those left me years ago.

I currently reside in some netherworld where time stands still, except for when I am expected to sleep, and then I am pretty sure it fast-forwards. It’s like the motherhood of ‘Upside Downs’, shout out to all my Stranger Things sisters! So when it comes to taking care of myself, I have all intentions of getting up and making myself look presentable, but, alas, I rock that snooze alarm like a boss and end up at work with my struggle bun and two mis-matched shoes.

Last weekend, I was sitting in my van in the Target parking lot, a place most of us find solace from time to time, and it struck me that there might not be glamorous vacations and laughter-filled girls’ nights out as often as I’d like these days, but there are a few ways I treat myself to really great products that make me look and feel like the best version of myself.

Since minimizing and going tiny last August, one thing our family has learned is that purchases should always be quality over quantity. This means that we invest more up front for clothing, footwear, household items, and beauty products, but the payoff long-term is healthier bodies and a wardrobe that lasts. So our return on investment is great and the way we feel rocks even harder!

So mamas feeling as dusty and dead-to-the-world as I do most days, here are the top 7 must-haves in my grab bag of feeling awesome. I am a tomboy, but I don’t want to look manlier than my bearded husband so self-care is a must. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, sisters. Each one of these are personal purchases of mine that, not only made the cut when we downsized, but I have since continued to purchase.

I am not making any commissions on these recommendations. Zero. I just want you to get some tings that have helped me feel great! Trust me, you’re going to want to take notes!

Take Care of Your Hair:

I have always been leery of third party, direct sales types of gigs. However, when I tried (and LOVED) a skincare line from my good friend Mandy, I knew I could trust her with my hair. Ladies, when I say I am the female Sampson, I am not exaggerating. As a plus sized woman, I have always taken great pride in having hair that others admired. Even when I wasn’t feeling the greatest about my size, my hair was always on point.

After having kids, the texture of my hair and even it’s thickness was all off. So, my girl Mandy suggested a new product she’d come across that she said revolutionized her hair care. I knew she’d always talked about having a difficult-to-tame mane, so I gave it a try.

You guys!! This hair care line is no joke. Monat products are all natural products that completely strip all the gunky build up and damage we’ve done to our hair over the years of boxed dyes and flat irons. I use the volumizing line because I have boring, straight hair that won’t hold curl to save my life. Since using Monat, I actually have volume at my roots and I am not losing hair by the fistful. Seriously, click HERE to learn more and buy this incredible hair care line, including an option for men and women who need regrowth and thickening to their hair.

The Eyes Are The Windows To Faking Awake:

I am a firm believer in not wearing makeup and, thankfully, my husband prefers me without it. However, when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror in the morning, the term “yikes” doesn’t even cover it. This all natural mascara from Arbonne works with or without an eyelash curler to lengthen and strengthen lashes to look like they are glue-ons. The best part is that it gives the false illusion that I am wide awake and looking good even when I slept 2 hours and am running on a steady stream of coffee and dry shampoo. Click HERE to contact my friend Melissa to buy this directly. It lasts a long time, is affordable, and I love that it is all natural and not animal tested.

Avoid Alligator Skin:

Y’all this one is a show stopper. For real, my cousin is like a lady pioneer for coming up with this hommeade, all natural, organic jar of goodness! Tuckas Butter by The Vintage Housewife on Etsy is marketed as a lotion and diaper cream for babies, but when I say this stuff is miracle-working I am not lying.

Nurses, teachers, moms, and germophobes unite! When you have that dry, cracked, wintery skin on your hands and ashy arms, this is the stuff you want. The main ingredient is coconut oil and it is so moisturizing without leaving you feeling greasy. I love that it leaves a shine on your legs because, clearly I want people to notice if I take the time to shave these puppies! Click HERE to get yours now. It is super affordable, all natural, organic, and smells great. You won’t regret it!

Try Not To Smell Like Trash:

Let’s just be real. As a mom and a teacher, at any moment I could be wearing clothes with some sort of bodily function, old food, snot, or dried glue stains. It is important to keep on top of how we smell, because mamas, you know it can sometimes be long enough between showers that we lose track of days.

I have chronic migraine headaches so I am very sensitive to smells. My constant for perfume is Basic Instinct by Pure Romance. I was introduced to it at my own bachelorette party and have loved it ever since. It is a natural pheromone enhancer so you aren’t covering up old armpits with flowers and vanilla. This is a natural enhancement to your own personal smell. No two people will smell the same. I love that it is natural and unique and the smell is light and not overpowering. Click HERE to order yours! They come in a small roll on bottle that lasts me for months.

Pajamas That Are Pants? Ummm, Yes Please!

Let me be clear that I am normally not a proponent of leggings. When you typically wear a 2XL, a cute flowered pattern can turn into an exhausted rose bush in a hurry when stretched across these thighs! However, when LulaRoe introduced their TC2 sizes, it was oooonnnnn!! Now, I still do not wear them as pants because I have dignity and an obvious awareness of my size. The super soft leggings feel like you are wearing pajamas, they are super cute with a long tunic or swing dress and that helps cover up any imperfections. The bonus is finding great, bold patterns to allow you to express yourself and your sense of style (even when you don’t think you have one). Click HERE to order your for only $26! They look great in all seasons and can be paired with everything from booties for flip flops.

Flowy Shirt To Dress (And Cover) It Up:

New to my line up is Agnes and Dora. This versitile lineup has tops, leggings, dresses, and sweaters and they carry up to a size XXXL. I LOVE that they have feminine patterns without making me feel like an old lady in church (forgive me, older women in church-you look fabulous!).

The material is stretchy and forgiving, their tops are flowy and have a lot of coverage. For my taller friends, they have long tops that cover your midriff (or, in my case, muffin top). For my short friends, they have tops that are shorter and those that are hi-lo. So, so cute! Click HERE to check out this incredible lineup!

It’s In the Bag:

I saved my all-time go-to for last. Keep in mind that I am a self-proclaimed tomboy and I struggle to carry anything that would even resemble a purse, let alone a name brand handbag whose cost would leave me carrying nothing but an empty wallet. The Kavu bag comes in endless styles, sizes, and patterns. They are made of durable fabric that can vary from canvas to organic cotton and more. They have reinforced zippers, matching wallets, change purses, and even fanny packs for those who are extra cool.

For me, this bag has doubled as a purse, a backpack, and a diaper bag. I carried one every single day for two years before I had to retire it. There are a variety of pockets and the cross body design of the one I carry provides extra comfort. Click HERE to order yours from Mountain Sports Ltd., a locally owned shop I used to work for out of college. Great people with great products!

Friends, it is so easy for us to let our looks, our health, and our best selves get away from us amidst the madness of motherhood and this messy life. But these seven items are affordable, good for you, and will make you look and feel like a million bucks, without spending that much! You can thank me later!

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