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The Ugly Truth About ADHD and Lying: Why Some Kids Choose To Lie Even When The Truth Is Easier

I have never met a grown adult who hasn’t told a lie; usually within that same hour. It happens. We might fib because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or called in sick when we just wanted to sleep in, but could it be possible that children with ADHD are habitual liars? I know this feels true in my own home. Our son is six and he has been diagnosed as severe ADHD-combined, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Twice Exceptional, and Sensory Processing Disorder. So, while we know him to be a loving, thoughtful, rambunctious little guy,...

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Avoid Holiday Overwhelm: A Gift Guide For Kids With Sensory Needs

As a counterpart to the previous post, Taming the Holiday Beast: Ten Gifts For Your ADHD Child That Might Buy You Five Minutes of Sanity, this gift guide is loaded with presents that are perfectly suited for children with special sensory needs. While your little shopper might be on the autism spectrum, have Sensory Processing Disorder (like our son), or simply struggle with distractions from things like itchy tags in their clothes, this list is for you! Each item has been tested and kid approved in our own home. We live tiny so it must fit into our less...

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Taming The Holiday Beast: Ten Gifts For Your ADHD Child That Might Buy You Five Minutes of Sanity

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming over us in the coming weeks, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 media-free gifts for kids with ADHD and other impulsive behaviors that I have used, bought, and had success with in our own home with our extreme child. While I completely empathize with all parents who have counted on Dora or the Paw Patrol to entertain your child (GUILTY!!), this list steers kids away from the screen and turns them on to hands-on and free play opportunities. Stretch Armstrong This gift has been one that we weren’t sure about at first,...

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The Many Faces of Meds: The Truth About Parenting A Child on ADHD Medication

Mamas, on this subject we must stop the relentless back-biting and judgmental behavior and unite to encourage each other. If you parent a child with special needs, whatever those needs might be, we are fighting a battle behind the doors of our homes. Some of us may have children who scream and yell, throw things, are non-verbal, who curse at us, or who cannot dress themselves; whatever our individual war, it is war nonetheless. So, suit up and march on beside each other because choosing to medicate your child may be one of the most difficult and unforgiving parenting...

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Dear Defeated Mama: You Are A Warrior

*First guest post, beautifully written by my friend and fellow warrior mama, Elizabeth Malan* I’ve dreamed and planned for two homebirths. Twice. Twice I got to 10 centimeters at home. Twice my babies spun themselves into tricky positions. Twice I transferred to a hospital. Twice I had a cesarean section. In the natural birth world we refer to this as a homebirth cesarean or HBC. It feels like defeat, heartbreak, shame. I know so many will not understand these feelings because I came home with two perfect babies. Hear me when I say, you can be weeping with joy...

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