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Six Reasons Why I Refuse To Make Resolutions

The beginning of each new year gives me anxiety. Full disclosure, by the end of any year, I have fully given up on any semblance of a diet I had previously attempted. You are likely to find me any day in December, buried in a pile of gift wrap and regret with a half eaten cheese ball in front of me and some Christmas cookie icing on my face. The family, the traveling, the presents, the wrapping, the parties, the budget, the freaking Elf; It is all just too much. So I did what any rational thinking adult would...

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A Very Tiny (House) Christmas

As can be expected, our little family’s choice to live tiny generates a lot of buzz and tons of questions. Why did you decide to do this? How do you survive with two kids in such a small space? Are you going stir crazy in the winter months? The most commonly asked question we have received lately is a timely one. How are you all doing Christmas tiny? For us, this was simple. Our traditional Christmases, when spent in a 2000+ square foot home on 15 acres didn’t look much different than the one we will be celebrating this year....

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The Nightmare of ‘Back To Baseline’: Why Parenting Kids On Meds Is Maddening

In November we had our six month check up with our son’s behavior specialist. We drive all the way back to Virginia (a seven hour drive) just to maintain the rapport and relationship with her because we trust her. When you are parenting children with behavior disorders, having a doctor you trust with your child, your family, and your situation is priceless. However, this time she said the words that will stop any parent who medicates their child in their tracks: “We need to take him back to baseline.” Dear God, NNNnnnnnnoooooooo!!! For those who may not know, “baseline”...

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How I Reached 15,000+ Views and Made Over $1300 in My First TWO Months of Blogging (And How You Can Too)

I created this blog on December 28, 2016. However, I didn’t start writing or posting things until September 28th, 2017. Yes. It took me that long to gain the courage to put my words out there into the vast internet for anyone to read. From September 28th-November 27th, I had already earned over $1000 in income and reached well over 15,000 views on my site. To say that I am shocked would be a complete understatement. To say that I did anything “right” would be categorically incorrect. Like most, I am figuring this whole thing out as I go....

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A Holiday Gift Guide For The Financially Frozen

After posting gift guides for mom, for minimalists, for kids with ADHD and Sensory Needs earlier this holiday season, I received endless comments about what to do when the gift-giver’s budget is strapped. Have no fear shoppers! This list comes from a couple who still, twelve years later, make a DIY gift for each other every single Christmas because we’ve just never had deep pockets. Our kids still receive homemade gifts from us as well giving DIY gifts to others in our family. So get your list ready because the items listed below can be made from regular household...

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