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9 Easy Ways Minimalist Living Saves Us Money

Our family of four (and our pup) downsized from a 15 acre farm to a 36ft camper about six months ago. Since the move, we have found that we are benefitting in many ways: more family time, less “stuff”, more focus on others, and (one of my personal favs) we are able to save a ton of money! *Disclaimer: A ‘ton’ to us is likely much less than it is to the average household income as we are a one job, one car family. Several people ask us about how we are able to live this lifestyle and afford...

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Dear Husband With Rose-Colored Glasses: Thank You For Loving Me Anyway

Last night, when my hairy, handsome man’s man husband snuggled up and kissed me goodnight, I cried. I knew I had to write this letter now because his response to my tear-filled words was so unexpected. While all I wanted was to have the man I love hold me, I couldn’t stop sobbing. I wanted to be present in that intimate moment but my mind reeled out of control. Through sniffs and sobs I managed to get out, “Do you feel like I tricked you?” “What are you talking about?” he laughed. “Do you ever look at me, even...

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Five Sanity-Savers For Parents Recovering From The Holidays With An Extreme Child

I often write about the real life musings of raising a child with extreme behavior disorders. For other special needs parents like myself, the idea of celebrating the holidays invokes a household-wide panic. The music, the lights, the cookies, the break from school…it is the stuff of nightmares, my friends. Our supremely awesome kiddos–you know, those with ADHD, ASD, GAD, ODD, SPD, and other diagnosis that affect mood, behavior, and sensory needs–they thrive on schedules, predictability, monitored diet and screen time. But, girl, you know by day three many of us have succumbed to the normality of giving ourselves...

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What If Breast Isn’t Best?

After publishing an article called “The Raw Truth About Breastfeeding” I received a lot of feedback from mothers who were heartbroken. They had tried. They had cried and pumped and devoted hours to a crying newborn who just wouldn’t properly latch. I felt it was crucial to write to these precious mamas and the heartache they endured. Here is an honest look into the vulnerability of mothers who did their best, but felt they felt short. “Breast is Best.” This was my mantra during my entire pregnancy. I read all the books, bought the breast pump, bought the pillows, lotions, bottles, bags and special nursing bras. I couldn’t wait for that special bond I would share with my baby. I looked forward to those late night feedings in the rocking chair. I was prepared for the sore nipples, the over-sized breasts, and even the looks I would get in public if I needed to feed her. I was ready! This in-depth article plunges into the trenches of honest motherhood and what it feels like to fail (even when it is more nature than mothering)… Check the full article out...

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2017 Meme Wrap-Up

Friends, if you’re ringing in 2018 like a rockstar-snugged up with a fluffy blanket and a box of wine like I am-then you could use some light reading on your way to the new year. Here is a wrap up of some of my FAV memes from my site this year. Enjoy! And 2017, you’ve kind of been a huge B, so deuces!...

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