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5 Reasons Parents of Extreme Children Dread Summertime

Summer is supposed to be late nights, campfires, outdoor movies, s’mores and sleepovers, swimming until your hands are raisin-y, and vacations to the beach that you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Kids long for summer the entire school year. There are millions of memes created about how parents are so excited to spend time with their precious darlings but then countdown to the beginning of the school year’s return. As both a mother and a teacher, I find myself caught in the middle of the two extremes. No child can identify with how much teachers long for...

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Mommin’ Ain’t Easy: Five Confessions of a Real Life Mom

  Let’s be real, we all make mistakes. I don’t care if your last child birthday party would have qualified you for Mom of the Year at the Pinterest Party-Throwing Awards, you have done something in your career of mothering that made you shake your head at yourself and look around to be sure no one noticed. I do those kinds of things every single day it seems. Writing a post for Mother’s Day was something I had been looking forward to, but here it is, two days after the day and I am just getting to it. The...

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5 Steps to Master Parenting An Extreme Child Through Elementary School

Parenting is messy and hard. Teaching is messy and hard. Both are exhausting beyond words. So, this is a list from a teacher who is also the parent of a child with invisible disabilities, that will hopefully help to educate educators and prepare parents for what parenting our children through public education might look like. These are the top five ways to master parenting an extreme child through elementary school. #5 Build Your Village. In no way will words do this step justice. This is arguably the most important thing you can do to arm yourself for the battle of...

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Caution: The Crazy in the Mirror May Be Closer Than it Appears

  This weekend we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. When you have family living in different states, you celebrate birthdays multiple times. I am still undecided as to whether it insights confusion for our kids or they just think they are really awesome because they are overly celebrated. Regardless, as the parent of those parties, I am tired. Now, it is Monday morning, I am dragging my sleepless behind to work and with every person who compliments me on how much fun their child had at Sparrow’s birthday this weekend, I smile, thank them, and am secretly reminded of...

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Today Marks One Year…

       I remember a year ago in flashes of contorted memory; some are my own and some come from pictures I’ve been shown since then. For reasons beyond my understanding I haven’t been able to go back and look at the images from that day or that week in over 365 days. When I posted on Facebook the day we brought her home from the hospital, “I’ll write about this experience someday, but today just isn’t that day,” I never imagined that a year later I would not only have yet to pen my emotions from those moments but that I would—in some ways—still be grieving them. April 1, 2016: I wake up and something feels different. I laugh because of course my baby would come early and on April Fool’s Day. Fast-forward 24 hours of laboring at the birthing center and 2 bottles of castor oil later, still no baby, just a lot of painful attempts to get her here. Nada. Nothing but the aftermath from swallowing copious amounts of the garbage can swill that is caster oil. They send me to the hospital after 36 hours to determine that my water had torn but not ruptured so they put me on bed rest for the day and sent me home. No baby. Back to work I go on Monday. April 9, 2016: After the midwife has ruptured...

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