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Hosting A Houseful When Your House Is A Camper

  Since downsizing from 2000 square feet to under 200, we have hosted several visitors. However, the occasional passerby who wants to come in and “oooohhh” and “ahhhhh” at how we survive on so little is much different than housing overnight guests. This weekend we hosted our sister and brother-in-law and their three awesome kiddos for four days. You read that right. NINE. 4 Adults + 5 Kids (under age 10)=9 humans housed in less than 200 sq.ft. for four days. Sandwiched inside, it didn’t take long to learn a few lessons about surviving tiny. Here’s our point of...

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I’ll Have What He’s Having: Parenting A Child With Anxiety While I Own Mine

When you have spent time parenting any children, your sanity has likely come into question a time or two. Parent a child with special needs (be they physical, emotional, or mental) and you earn your Haz-mat, Hard Hat, and CIA Clearance badges from the Girl Scouts of Motherhood in a hot minute! After what feels like a lifetime of meltdowns, tantrums, screaming fits, broken household items, and holes in drywall, many of us come under fire. The scrutiny may come from a spouse, family, friend, or fellow church-goer. Their judgement doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of your brand of brutal survival,...

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Dear Single Parents—You Are My Heroes: Six Side Effects of Single Parenting

  As I drink wine and pity myself for the “Woe is Me” attitude I sometimes have after a long day of packing lunches, making breakfast, working 8+ hours, making dinner, cleaning up, bath time, bedtime–and then several more bedtimes because my kids require multiple attempts before they’ll give in to sleep–I think to myself, Seriously what kind of daily miracles are single parents pulling off?! Some of my closest friends are single parents or spent a season parenting solo. I legitimately don’t understand your life and I have so many questions. Where is your cape? How do you...

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This is 300

I am baffled by how many comments I get from readers who applaud me for my vulnerability on this blog. It is funny, in part, because I wouldn’t describe myself as vulnerable at all. To me, vulnerability suggests the ability to allow people to see your emotional parts—you know, like when we ugly cry in the bathroom floor so no one else in the house will ever know it happened? Girl, I hide that kind of thing like I’m smuggling something through customs. Being accused of allowing myself to be vulnerable seems foreign to me. I would simply describe...

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Dear Working Mom Who Is (Beyond)Tired

Do you remember when we were young and carefree? We could stay up all hours and somehow still drag our sweatpant-clad bodies to college classes. We were in our mid-20’s judging the moms with the annoyingly loud children at the next table in the restaurant and scoffing at the mother who gave in to her whiny child’s wishes in the checkout line for sugary candies and sodas. We were funny then. Today we are too exhausted to pass judgement. There isn’t a word of which I am aware that can encompass the level of fatigue that accompanies being the...

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