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Six Months In: How Our Family Of Four Is Faring In Under 300 sq. ft.

Living full-time as a family of four (and a dog) in a 36ft fifth wheel camper isn’t for everyone. But minimalism and downsizing can be! Living on less can save you money, reduce your impact on the planet, and teach you to be generous and appreciate what you choose to keep around. So, after six months of living in under 300 square feet, these are (still) the most important lessons we’re learning. 1. Deciding is (still) Difficult: When you downsize you have to make decisions…a lot! We had to take 11 years of life’s “stuff” and decide which things...

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How Can I Be Too Much and Not Enough?

I Feel Like I Am Too Much and Not Enough. Last night, I laid in bed awake, mind spinning out of control. This is not uncommon. The bedtime reel in my mind was reviewing the day’s events, making multiple to-do lists, remembering something I’d forgotten earlier and would undoubtedly forget by morning. But the replay button seemed to be stuck on one phrase: “Too much and not enough.” I weigh too much. I spend too much. I eat too much. I don’t sleep enough or I sleep too much. I don’t spend enough time with the kids. I don’t...

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Dear Brave, Beautiful Daughter

Dear Brave, Beautiful Daughter, This world is so much right now. For women and girls, especially, this is both a harsh and beautiful time in which to grow up. Things are changing. I can feel it. Some change is forward moving progression. Some will redirect the course of history. For you, my sweet girl, I hope for the better. You are coming up in a time where “me too” echos down hallways, tears through offices, and drips down the newsfeeds of millions. Those two simple words contain endless fear, sadness, and empowerment all at once. This is a terrifying...

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iContact: My Kids Are Vying For My Attention and They’re Losing

I took this innocent snow day picture earlier today. I made a meme out of it. My husband and I laughed at our daughter’s cuteness. But then later tonight, as my same curly headed, crazy little girl was falling asleep on my chest I noticed something. And I felt like a sh**y mom. She was nuzzling her soft blonde curls against my cheek and I was pushing them out of the way so I could better see the Pinterest recipes I planned to make later this week. Earlier today, our son got in trouble for acting out, but he...

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